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This is an Android version of OpenCL-Z tool, which is a parody of other *-Z utilities like CPU-Z, GPU-Z, or CUDA-Z. It shows basic information about OpenCL devices on Android mobile platforms.


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Software Description

OpenCL™ (Open Computing Language) is a low-level API to enable heterogeneous computing on platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs and other processors. Recently, OpenCL has become available on many new Android devices. Although OpenCL is not part of the Android platform, many manufacturers provide drivers or even SDKs to support OpenCL on Android. The OpenCL is also being used as a back-end for other compute frameworks such as Renderscript in some devices.

This application provides an easy way for developer to check the availability of OpenCL on a device. Detailed platform and device information are provided. Moreover, this application is able to provide raw computing performance, including ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) performance and memory bandwidth performance. This can help developers quickly understand the capability of a specific OpenCL-capable device, and may be useful for performance prediction and algorithm optimizations.


Major Features

This application can

  • detect OpenCL availability;
  • detect OpenCL driver library;
  • display detailed OpenCL platform information;
  • display detailed OpenCL device information;
  • measure the raw compute performance and memory system bandwidth;
  • export OpenCL information to sdcard;
  • share OpenCL information with other applications, such as e-mail clients, note applications, social media and so on.

List of Mobile Devices Supporting OpenCL

This application has been tested on devices with chipsets from different chip vendors. Most of the flagship Android phones support OpenCL, for example, Samsung Galaxy Note3, S5, Note4; LG G2, G3; Moto G, Moto X; and latest Sony smartphones.

The following is a list of OpenCL-capable Android devices I created with the help of many other OpenCL developers. If you happen to have a device supporting OpenCL which is not on the list, please let me know. We can work together to add the device information to the list and make the list more complete. The OpenCL information and device information can be sent from OpenCL-Z Android app (you can locate the “share OpenCL info” menu from the navigation drawer). Please email the report to robertwgh_at_gmail_dot_com.

List of OpenCL-capable Android devices

(Note: some device information refers to ArrayFire’s list, thanks to ArrayFire!).

Bug Report

If you failed to get OpenCL information on a device which is supposed (or known) to support OpenCL, please let me know (robertwgh_at_gmail_dot_com), so that we can investigate it and add support for that device.

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